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Tame the Mind


Once a retired merchant navy officer said to Gondavlekar Maharaj, “I earnestly feel like chanting the lord’s name, but I just cannot sit quietly at one place and even if I do, I get bored of chanting His Name. What should I do?” Maharaj smiled and said to him, “In which standard does your grandson study?” The officer said, “He is in first standard.” He further added, “He is really mischievous and naughty. What to do?” Maharaj said, “That is what I am exactly saying. Our mind is also mischievous. It is not habituated to remain still and calm in one place. It needs to be tamed forcefully to chant the lord’s name. Lord’s name in itself has His power. Hence, he who chants His name, his physical sense of being (deha buddhi) diminishes gradually and His existence or name settles and all pervades.


- From Shri BramhaChaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj Hrudya Athavani
By L.G. Marathe.



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