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Adroha : Non hatred

All those who appear friendly and demonstrate loyalty may not always be the same from within. Concealing selfish motives by demonstrating amity, giving service with some illicit intentions and at times betraying without a second thought is called 'Droha'. On the contrary, as Dnyaneshwar maharaj says, the virtue by which one lives harmoniously with nature and the world around, cultivating a state of mind which does even obstruct someone’s progress by its thought just like river Ganga who nurtures the plant and animal life on her banks and silently unites with the sea, is called ‘Adroha’. The quality by which one’s life becomes complementary and harmonious with the life around without diverting from one’s goal and its path is a sign of true greatness.

While working on eliminating someone else’s weaknesses, it can be very skillfully molded to assume the right path. Revered Sonopant Mamasaheb Dandekar was working as the principal of S.P College in Pune.  Once when he returned from a tour he noticed that the peon had not changed the date on the office calendar. He called the peon and said, “Look at these calendar makers, they seem so backward. They have printed last month’s dates on this month’s calendar”. The peon at once understood what Mamasaheb actually meant. He quietly changed the dates on the calendar. By this we realize that the same thought can be conveyed by molding the words we use to express it, so that the listener is not hurt. Due to this ‘Droha’ is completely evaded. Conducting one’s self in such a way that it does not give rise to Droha is only possible only if he has love and affection in his heart.

Our heart and mind should not only be devoid of Droha but we should live in harmony with others, have camaraderie with the world and friendship with the Lord.

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