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Burden of Ego

We tend to blacklist a person who manifests excessive pride of one’s achievements by saying “this would not have been possible without me”. Although his achievements make him luminous but it is his ego which is expressed as ‘I’, that darkens him.

One must achieve greater goals or do good deeds. A sense of ‘me’ doing it also follows such acts and this is natural. But what follows is also a feeling of superiority and that the work would not have been possible without me and an expectation of felicitation. Expectations always give sorrow. Egoistic people are not only dissatisfied but also ignorant because they fail to understand that for anything good or great to happen, there are several factors which should co-exist. And these do not co-exist by our efforts alone.

For example, a person, who for ten years consistently reports to work on time, is no doubt worthy of praise but he should not manifest it with excessive pride because his achievement of reporting to work on time depends on various aspects which are not a part of his doing. Such as, in ten years the person did not get stuck in a traffic jam or fortunately for him, the vehicles behind had good brakes and so the drivers did not loose control and bang against him.  The power by which this world functions is called Prakruti or God’s power. The achievement or effort is hers and we function on the basis of her power. He who understands this is devoid of ego.

Do not tire yourself unnecessarily, by bearing the burden of others on your head. It is foolish to be egoistic and hence bear Prakruti’s credit of achievement (kartrutva) on your head. People may praise an egoistic person in front of him, but it does not go beyond that.

Nurturing pride of one’s achievements and self praise is equivalent to committing suicide. World becomes favorable to those who acknowledge HIS power.

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