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Samachittatva (Equanimity of mind and intellect)

When the mind does not wither by any occurrence of inauspicious and auspicious events and that it remains steady is called ‘samchittatva’.  It is natural to be elated when something good happens.  One can see this happiness being manifested by facial expressions.  But if on gaining even a minuscule success, one is overjoyed and in the bout of this joy shouts and throws up his arms, then it should be regarded as a sign of impoverished mental equanimity.  Being influenced by television, kids today also express their joy in a similar fashion. Truly, these are not good habits. It is not zest of life but is rather a boisterous kind of conduct.

The sea assumes its greatness because it never transcends its boundaries irrespective of how high its waves rise.   It neither frowns if some of the rivers dry up nor does it get overjoyed when its rivers are flooded in the monsoons. Similar is the state of a person who is on the path of knowledge. He has emotions and feelings, but internally he is enriched with peace and equanimity of mind and intellect.

Swami Vivekananda cried when one of his elderly co-disciples passed away. Seeing tears in Swamiji’s eyes, a seeker asked him, ‘Swamiji you are so knowledgeable, you are so wise and yet you have tears in your eyes?’ To which Swamiji replied, ‘I am human being first and I do not wish to become a dry wise man’. Experiencing grief is natural but it should be transformed into condolence. Joy or happiness are natural feelings but one must guard against over joyousness, arrogance and sense of superiority which may come from it.

Arjuna  Samatva Chittache |
Techi Saar Jaanave Yogache |
Jethe Man Ani Budhiche  |
Aikya Athi||

The essence of Samchittatva lies in the mind being in the state of universal (divine) consciousness.


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