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Art of freeing mind

To achieve something more important, one has to let go off something of lesser importance. Early morning breeze & fresh atmosphere gives immense enthusiasm. But to experience this, one has to forsake the comfort of cozy bed & wake up. To befriend the society it’s important to relinquish one’s bitter tongue. All this is at very basic level. From the spiritual perspective, to live life it’s important to forsake the world for some time. How can one forsake the world? It’s possible to abandon all thoughts & feelings related to it. Furthermore, it’s vital for mind to be associated with a particular thought for a specific period. After the interval it’s increasingly important to relinquish from the thought so that the mind is vacant enough to absorb newer thoughts & experiences.

When Lokamanya Tilak was leaving to serve his sentence in Mandale jail, thousands of people with heavy hearts were gathered to bid him farewell. The crowds were shouting hoarse in the name of Mother India & Lokamanya Tilak. After acknowledging the crowds, Tilak sat in the government vehicle. The doors closed & Tilak in a moment went off to sleep. The accompanying officer was surprised. He could not control his astonishment & asked Tilak, “How can you sleep like that? So many people were out there, supporting you & shouting your name hoarse. You have just defended yourself for thirty six hours in the court & it’s not been more than few seconds that the car doors have closed, that you have retired to sleep!” To this Lokamanya replied,”when I was outside, I have done all that I could possibly have done & once the doors were shut there was nothing left to do. Hence, I went off to sleep.”

This is an example of how one can abandon unrelated thoughts & become unattached for a specific period. This act of evacuating mind was the strength & quality of Lokamanya which enabled him to create a great literature like ‘Geeta Rahasya’ when he was in prison.

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