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Q : Why some highly anticipated events, even with intense efforts, do not materialize? How to reduce stress caused by the failure?

A young lover proposed to his girlfriend with sincerity, “If you reject me I will kill myself by jumping under the incoming train.”
The girlfriend responded coolly, “Don’t rush me. Let me think about it and there are trains every half an hour.”

Nothing works just by impulsive feelings. It can be a motivation but can’t be a tool. To reach a goal, one should plan well ahead, design a systematic method step by step. Impulsive feelings can create problems unknowingly which can hinder the progress. To achieve a goal one should collect the tools promptly but not impulsively.

A harmonious co-ordination of an act and intelligence can only be possible with personal motivation to achieve a goal.

To reduce nervousness: After all the preparation, there is always a hidden force, which controls the outcome of events, by keeping that in mind and with scientific attitude, nervousness can be reduced.


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