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Home Fortitude

When does the situation actually go out of control? It is when we loose our fortitude. Fortitude is self – composure in the face of adversity. It is the ability to be calm an...

Home Kshama (Forgiveness)

Kshama (forgiveness) is a virtue of the powerful. Forgiveness of the feeble is meaningless. When a mouse forgives a cat, it’s the helplessness of the mouse and cann...

Home Tejah: (Vigor)

The value of an individual depends upon how much vigor he has. It is not something that can be sold; rather it is a virtue that cannot be traded to anybody for anything.

Home Steadiness

Nowadays, even young children experience immense stress and tension while achieving an objective. Tension is experienced not only by children but also by parents while securing an ...

Home You ought to be ashamed

In old days, shyness was a charming virtue of life. Young or slightly older girls used to be coy. Nowadays after watching everything explicitly, we are gradually losin...

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