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Home Art of freeing mind

To achieve something more important, one has to let go off something of lesser importance. Early morning breeze & fresh atmosphere gives immense enthusiasm. But to exper...

Home Peace Of Mind

Peace is not something that one can borrow from someone. The onus lies on us to abandon thoughts and achieve peace. Peace is when the mind is devoid of thoughts just as a calm l...

Home Samachittatva (Equanimity of mind and intellect)

When the mind does not wither by any occurrence of inauspicious and auspicious events and that it remains steady is called ‘samchittat...

Home Burden of Ego

We tend to blacklist a person who manifests excessive pride of one’s achievements by saying “this would not have been possible without me”. Although his achiev...

Home Adroha : Non hatred

All those who appear friendly and demonstrate loyalty may not always be the same from within. Concealing selfish motives by demonstrating amity, giving service with some i...

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