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Dasbodh Swadhyay


Virakte abhyas karava|
virakte sakshep dharava|

Virakte vagtrutve ubharava|
modala paramarth ||15||

Disinterested should study|
and take care and efforts|

With his eloquence |
he should build spirituality ||15|||

For individual accomplishment or spiritual development, guidance from proper spiritual teacher (satguru) and study of any standard religious book are good enough, however one who is going to perform spiritual work must study deeper. Ramkrishna used to say “A cow that eats selected food, gives milk in moderate quantity whereas a cow who eats everything gives lots of milk”; According to the author of yogsutra, study is an attempt to be completely involved or united with the aim or object to be learnt. Tatra sthito yatnaubhyasah means to attempt for that state is called as study. Sakshep means to take care constantly with great efforts and to take pains to achieve a high objective. On-going spiritual development at times gets stopped or slows down in some people due to some incidence or problem causing a temporary reluctance. There could be a rising negligence or reluctance in society for religion and meditation/prayer. A disinterested with his eloquence should build or develop the spirituality in society and individuals. There is one example in life of Swami Madhavnath in this context. In Swami’s acquaintances, there was a person who had thorough interest in reading dnyaneshwari and following spirituality. Few months after he died, his son who was working on a good post with high authority happened to meet Swami Madhavnath. He said, “My father spent his entire life in reading dnyaneshwari but it was useless in the end as it could not save his life, so I left the dnyaneshwari in the store room in the loft”; Swami Madhavnath said, “you have done a good job, now since the dnyaneshwari is in the loft, so you must be sure that no one in your family will ever die, right?” With one sentence, the son was awakened and the spirituality in their home was established to previous state. With thorough study of saints life/biography and meditation, one can develop such capability to teach wisdom to others.

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