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The aims and objectives of the work of Swaroopyog
To make clear the central theme of Indian Culture
The cultivation of hidden strengths in all human beings
Scientific guidance on Meditation
Awakening of Patriotism and Spiritualism
  • Spiritual Lectures :
    • Shreemad Bhagwadgeeta – Dnyaneshwari
    • Shree Dasbodh
    • Meditation Guidance
    • The biography of Saints and their literatures
    • Amritdhara
    • Lecture Series on audio cassettes
    • Lectures on C.Ds
  • Meditation Guidance and Satsang – Resolving Queries
    • Guidance on all aspects of Meditation
    • Spiritual Counseling
  • Centers
    • Centers
    • Centers for youths and others
    • Session for everybody covers:
      • Meditation
      • Spiritual Lectures
      • Study of Spiritual Books (Swadhyay)
    • Sessions for Youths covers:
      • Study of Spiritual Books (Swadhyay)
      • Guidance for Personality Development
      • Guidance for communication skills development
      • Group Discussions
      • Individual Presentations
      • Special guidance to youths on Dynaneshwari and Dasbodh
      • Occasional visits by Swamiji at all Places in India and foreign countries.
      • Guidance by Swamiji at all places where the activity is being carried.
      • Swamiji’s lectures during his visit
      • Meditation and question-answer sessions
      • “Abhanga – Bhavataranga” Programme
      • Guidance on Meditation
  • Shibir (camps) (Short Residential Spiritual Course)
    • Special camps for Youths
    • Teaching the technique of keeping up regular spiritual follow up in today’s busy and stressful life.
    • Guidance on Meditation technique and process.
    • Guidance on Personality Development
    • Yoga Exercises and practical
    • Teaching the method of practicing spiritualism in our daily lives.
    • Swamiji’s discourse inspiring patriotism.
    • Wonderful songs written by various saints about God.(Abhang)
    • Dindi (March)
    • Senior citizen residential camps, Anand Yatra
    • Long duration Meditation
    • Discourse
    • Realisation of various traits and encouragement by Swamiji during the program
  • Publications
    • Vartapatra (monthly)
    • Books
    • Cassettes
    • VCD’s
  • Programs on Bhavtarang
    • Singing of Saint’s poetic compositions (Abhang)
    • Swamiji’s explanation on Abhang

Office Address
Swaroopyog Pratishtan
885/3,Shivaji nagar, Bhandarkar Road,
Lane No.6, Pune 411004.
Tele: 020-25652457
Email: feedback@swaroopyog.net

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